Pesticide Testing

Our pesticide test can detect trace amounts of chemical pesticides in dried flowers and cannabis concentrates. SC Labs analyzes pesticides using High Performance Liquid Chromatography in tandem with Triple-Quadrupole Mass Spectromotry (HPLC-MS/MS) to identify and quantify trace pesticide, fungicide and PGR residues.

At SC Labs, we believe that cannabis providers should be able to verify the safety of their medicine. Our comprehensive screening is designed to produce rapid results and is consistent with EPA, ELAP, and international testing standards.

Ingesting pesticides can be dangerous, even at the smallest doses. Yet the FDA has not determined safe levels for any insecticide or fungicide in cannabis. Although many marijuana cultivators practice organic farming, others continue to use illegal or banned pesticides on their crops. Our pesticide screening is rooted in a strong conviction that patients deserve contaminant-free medicine.

SCL Pesticide Analyte List-2016

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Why Test?

Cannabis testing provides consumers with important information about the quality of their medicine. As is the case with all pharmaceutical companies, cannabis providers should be subject to third party certification. Why? The answer is obvious: credibility.

All Tests Are Not Equal

At SC Labs, all methods are consistent with FDA, ELAP, and EPA guidelines. It’s not enough to know that your medicine has been tested; you should also have access to the science behind it. For analytical testing to be reliable, established methods must be used and available for scientific scrutiny. For this reason, we provide detailed accounts of all our testing procedures upon request.