Wednesday, 25 July 2012 20:29 Published in Services

SC Laboratories offers a full range of reliable microbial testing using 3M Petrifilm and Real-Time Polymerase Chain-Reaction (qPCR) technology. The same conditions that are ideal for the cultivation of medical cannabis can also be ideal for the germination of microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi (yeast&mold). If your cannabis is not properly tested, the medicine you are consuming can be contaminated with a variety of harmful pathogens and for many patients ingesting contaminated medicine can lead to serious illness and health complications. Using these techniques we can identify and detect Yeast & Molds, E.coli, Coliforms and Enterobacteriaceae such as Salmonella and Shigella which have all been shown to be potential contaminants of cannabis.

3M Petrifilm plates are ISO 9002-certified for design and manufacturing and are included in the official methods of analysis of AOAC International. They are also recognized in the United States by the American Public Health Association; the USDA Agricultural Marketing, Food Safety & Inspection Service; and the US Food & Drug Administration. Petrifilms have a ready-made culture medium that contains a cold-water soluble gelling agent, nutrients, indicator dye and a built-in grid to provide contrast and help facilitate counting colony forming units (CFU) per gram of sample. This gives you fast, precise and consistent results with less chance for error when compared to other methodology. Colonies may then be isolated and identified using qPCR which utilizes genetic amplification to identify and quantify a specific strain of fungus present in a given sample. The combination of excellent sensitivity and specificity, low contamination risk, and speed has made real-time PCR technology the future of immunoassay based testing techniques for microbial screening.

Why Test?

Cannabis testing provides consumers with important information about the quality of their medicine. As is the case with all pharmaceutical companies, cannabis providers should be subject to third party certification. Why? The answer is obvious: credibility.

All Tests Are Not Equal

At SC Labs, all methods are consistent with FDA, ELAP, and EPA guidelines. It’s not enough to know that your medicine has been tested; you should also have access to the science behind it. For analytical testing to be reliable, established methods must be used and available for scientific scrutiny. For this reason, we provide detailed accounts of all our testing procedures upon request.