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Being located in such a cannabis oriented community its no surprise the city of Santa Cruz has it's own cannabis cup, and a very successful one at that. This event has experienced quite a bit of growth in just this last year with over triple the attendees of the previous year. This didn't surprise me since the event was embraced with warm weather making for a perfect outdoor festival environment. The event consisted of educational exhibits, booths from local businesses, and Santa Cruz Cup collectives.  The cup also had musical performances by Coastal SageEcho StreetAncestree, and Omani.

SC Laboratories received over 90 entries for the cup, most of which were flowers. To see a full list of the competitors and winning entries check out the Santa Cruz Cup's Facebook page.





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On Wednesday January 8, the local newspaper The Santa Cruz Sentinel came for a lab tour and to interview founders Jeff Gray, Josh Wurzer, Alec Dixon, and Ian Rice. The article discussed our position as a certifier of safe medicine and the future of the industry as more cultivators and dispensaries are aiming to abide by rules and regulations, especially as medicinal cannabis gains more legitimacy. 


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Shortly after the new year Good Times Weekly did an article on the drafting of new regulations for the emerging cannabis industry in Santa Cruz. The article addresses some of the changes and concerns in this evolving market such as cultivation laws, the environmental impact of cultivation, and lab testingto ensure quality and safety. Specifically, Ian Rice founder of the Association of Standardized Cannabis and co-founder of SC Laboratories discusses the lab's position as a third-party quality assurace testing facility in an industry that is striving for more transparency and professionalism. 

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Earlier this month SC Laboratories was featured in Made Man Magazine's coverage of the Emerald Cup 2013. The author of the article, Joe Dolce chatted with Josh Wurzer & Alec Dixon two of the co-founders of SC Labs about our terpene display at the Emerald Cup. The display meant to exhibit the variety of aromas and flavors consisted of numerous vials with a different terpene in each. He also couldn't help but notice our beaker with dry ice which Dixon admits is a little gimmicky but when the competition is free dabs the visual appeal always helps.

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