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June 22nd and 23rd were two great days for California patients at the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup. The event provided two days of workshops, vendors, music, and of course high grade medicine. Bongs, vapes, joints, pipes, edibles, you name it; it was present at this year’s cup. There were also tons of vendors showing off their newest cannabis innovations and products from Oil Slick pads to “help you concentrate” to the dual grinder container Medtainers. Free dabs were bountiful at this event with the majority of the booths in the 215 areas giving them out like candy. As the sun began to set, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, and GZA, three members of the notorious Wu-Tang clan took the stage and provided an uplifting performance to a large crowd billowing smoke.


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 Practice safe dabbing

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Bringing science to life at the SC Laboratories booth

Although accompanied by some weather, day two was just as enjoyable with building excitement as the day went on in anticipation of the announcement of the winners of the cup. The evening ended with the presentation of the awards for each category with some of our clients placing!


Congratulations to Santa Cruz Mountain Naturals and SJ Patients Group!

Winners of 1st Place in the Sativa Category and 2nd Place in the Edible Category.













           1st Place in the Sativa Category                                                 2nd Place in the Edibles Category

Santa Cruz Mountain Naturals "Cracker Jack"        SJ Patients Group "Day Dreamers Medicinal Chocolates"

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SC Laboratories has been making quite the rounds lately in the news.

At the end of last month one of our co-founders Alec Dixon came to the aid of legalization efforts in Costa Rica alongside Valerie Corral of the Wo/Men's Alliance for Medical Marijuana ( About a week later we were also featured in the Mercury News regarding the growing demand for the quality of assurance testing of cannabis for medical use ( Lastly, just yesterday we were featured on for our work on edible testing (

Expect to see a lot more of us as the rest of the country begins to recognize the importance of safe lab tested cannabis.