Each year SC Labs offers testing services and sponsorship for various industry events, including cannabis testing competitions, festivals, and other gatherings.  Interested in having SC Labs sponsor or test for an event?  Give us a call at (866) 435-0709 or contact us online. 

Upcoming Events

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SC Labs Sponsored Events:

High Times Cup

High Times Cup - SF/LA

The High Times Medical Cannabis Cup is a celebratory and informational gathering for vendors and patients. Each year, this event has increased in size and attendance. On two beautiful days vendors, growers and 420-lovers are brought together again to celebrate cannabis culture.  Learn more at





event logo master nbg emerald cup

The Emerald Cup

The Emerald Cup is the longest running Cannabis Cup in the nation.  11 years running, the Emerald Cup is the annual harvest party for the organic, sun-grown Cannabis community throughout California. Learn more at





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Santa Cruz Cup

The Santa Cruz Cup is a tough competition that consists of the best growers of Santa Cruz and quite possibly some of the best cultivators of the world. And, what better place to celebrate Harvest Season each year than Santa Cruz, CA.  Each year we encourage you to come and enjoy the festival, the live music, and some excellent lab tested Cannabis. Learn more at




event logo master nbg hempconHempCon

HempCon is the largest Cannabis event in America with over 7 upcoming shows from San Bernadino to Seattle, to Las Vegas and Denver.  Each event boasts over 150+ exhibitors, state of the art grow products, seminars by leading Cannabis experts, and over 100+ collectives showcasing their best Cannabis.  Learn more at




event logo master nbg chalice

Chalice Cup

Brought to you by Hitman Glass, Chalice California celebrates the best of the best of concentrated Cannabis from the Extract Artist community.  This event seeks to bridge the dab culture and the music industry featuring such headlining acts as STS9 in its event debut in 2014.  Learn more at



event logo master nbg calidep


CaliDepFest- Is the first ever medical cannabis invitational event celebrating Californias finest "light-deprivation" grown cannabis. CaliDepFest brings growers, collectives and patients together in the Santa Cruz Mountains to celebrate the unique practice of 'light-deprivation' cultivation.  Learn more at


event logo master nbg secret cup

Secret Cup

The Secret Cup has become one of the industries toughest competitions for America's distinguished Extract Artists.  WIth events throughout the country in both medical and recreational markets contestants can expect nothing but the best concentrates competing head-to-head against one another.  The events are held at a secret location each time with limited tickets and and very entertaining event programs.  Visit to find out about their next event or learn more.  


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710 Experience

The 710 Experience is a multi-sensory festival set in the center of beautiful Southern California.  Learn more at

Setting the Standard for Quality Control

At SC Laboratories, our mission is to be the premier provider of medical cannabis analysis.

We seek to create a new paradigm in cannabis testing—one that balances the need for informed patients with the progress of a healthy industry.

Though medical marijuana continues to gain scientific and political legitimacy, there remains a clear need to ensure quality control.

As producers, distributors, and patients, we must work together to build a safe and healthy industry.